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Teton Pass

Teton Pass Trail Construction

As the nationwide ArrowCorps5 project has taken off, the Teton Pass project at the Bridger-Teton site is in full gear to be ready for participants to arrive towards the end of July. The Operations Branch has spent a lot of time and effort in order to ensure that we will be able to handle the largest influx of participants of the ArrowCorps5 sites.

The Teton Pass project, one of three at the B-T site, is divided into five divisions: Snowtel 1, Snowtel 2, Ridge Trail, Big Rocks, and the History Trail. Arrowmen will first be placed into squads and crews (a crew is about twenty people) based on recreation preferences. We will be distributing crews in an effort to have some workers on all five divisions all days of the project. However, Tuesday through Thursday will have fewer Arrowmen, as some of the crews at each division will be at recreation.

Our project will be based out of the Jackson Hole High School. There, we will distribute meals and have our gatherings. Breakfast and Lunch will be trail meals handed out before participants get on the buses and vans for transportation to the Pass in the national forest. The riding time varies for each of the five divisions, but is about 45 minutes. This shuttle system will be done in two deployments.

Each division varies in their project description. Participants at Snowtel 1 will build 1.5 miles of multi-use trail that mountain bikers can utilize. Snowtel 2 is similar in that it will work towards the same kind of trail, but it will go for 3.5 miles. The Ridge Trail is on the same side of the Teton Pass and will also build multi-use trail at a distance of 1.5 miles. The History Trail and Big Rocks are on the opposite side of the pass, and will focus on hiking and horse trail construction for two miles each.

Arrowmen working on the Teton Pass will build miles of trail in the majestic Bridger-Teton mountain range. This full ArrowCorps5 site will have the most Arrowmen to do the most work. Our staff has been planning this program for months and is energized to have participants arrive. The Order is certainly saving the best for last by putting the Bridger-Teton Project at the end of the summer - see you there!