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Goosewing Exclusion Fence Removal

The Goosewing Project Site at Bridger-Teton will offer ArrowCorps5 participants challenges you have never imagined. The terrain at Goosewing is demanding, with steep slopes and a maximum elevation of 8,000 feet. Participants will work to remove the remnants of an old agricultural experiment in an area with a view of the Grand Tetons few will ever have.

With trained crew and squad leaders, and with the assistance of the U.S. Forest Service, mobile and autonomous crews will cut down and haul away almost three miles of 8 foot high enclosure fence. You will be given specialized tools, and the leadership to challenge yourself in service. In addition to removing the enclosure fence, crews will also assist the Forest Service in preparing old fence posts for destruction, and reducing fuel for wildfires in other nearby areas.

Biologists erected the Goosewing fence in the 1960's to study the effect of wildlife on the national forest grassland. The fence prevented wildlife from intruding on a large area for agriculture study. That study is now long over and the fence is hindering the migration of elk and deer within the forest. Under expert leadership, and with the assistance of the U.S. Forrest Service, participants will work in independent crews to remove the fence that snakes around almost three miles of rugged terrain and once again open the area to wildlife migration.

Participants in the Goosewing experience will be required to wear additional personal protective equipment while working with fence wire. ArrowCorps5 will provide each person with a hardhat, but participants must have sturdy gloves, a long sleeve shirt and safety glasses, or good quality wrap-around sunglasses. The Goosewing project is also on a Southward facing ridge, which will receive constant sunlight. Sunscreen and at least two 1 quart water bottles are also necessities for this project.

Goosewing will be unlike any experience you have ever had before in Scouting. We will be bussed out almost two hours away from civilization in the middle of the forest, where we will work with our Brothers in service in one of the most beautiful places you may ever see. The Goosewing project site will offer participants an amazing and rewarding service experience with grand mountain views, meaningful work, and the opportunity to grow in service and brotherhood. You can rest assured that Goosewing, arguably the most beautiful worksite in all of ArrowCorps5, will be demanding, meaningful, and gratifying to all involved.